Furniture Moving Supplies & Equipment


Moving furniture and other large, heavy objects requires special care. Because furniture items are typically large, bulky and heavy, they're prone to getting dirtied or damaged during transport. Likewise, moving furniture is one of the most common causes of back injury. You can keep your furniture protected and avoid injuring yourself by using the right furniture moving equipment.

  • Use moving blankets and quilted furniture covers to protect furniture from damage.
  • Use our large rubber moving bands to secure your moving blankets on your furniture.
  • Save your back and lift furniture easily with Teamstrap.

Furniture Moving Supplies from are available at a great price and ship fast. We have furniture moving blankets, otherwise known as furniture moving pads. We have furniture moving straps like The Teamstrap, The Shoulder Dolly and The Forearm Forklift. We have furniture moving dollies and many other furniture moving accessories. Our furniture moving supplies have the quality that professionals are looking for. Take for instance our 100% Cotton moving blanket, The Best Moving Blanket. We've gone overboard with this one and you'll definitely be satisfied with the quality and price. We've got more than moving blankets. We carry furniture moving straps, quilted furniture covers, plastic furniture covers, moving boxes, packing tape, shipping pads and many more furniture moving supplies.